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Looking for a developer

Guys, I need a little help on the web.

Added on March 13: a developer is found. Thanks to everyone who responded!

Look. I have two blogs – in Russian and English. They live on domains and respectively. Formally, this is a blog with multi-language, which depending on the domain shows a different database. The domains have common files because I set up a symlink between them. The blog works fine, there are no questions about it.

In addition to the blog, I have various other static pages. For example, the main page, photos, about Patreon (the list is not complete, there will be more). As you can see, some of them are in Russian, some are in English, and I want them both.

The main problem now is that all these static pages are basically just naked HTML in Bootstrap. Accordingly, they do not know anything about each other or about the other language.

I kind of learned using PHP to determine the domain to which the user went, and thus display different content in Russian or English, respectively, but it turns out pretty crappy (I’m not a programmer). Ideally, I would like a small engine that would be able to intelligently display only the different semantic part, and everything else stored in one place. Kind of like the blog does now (but the blog uses full-fledged DB on MySQL, but in the case of static pages, it seems, this will be redundant).

That is, in fact, the task is to turn separate statics into a more meaningful standardized and templated format so that you can easily add new pages (sections) in two languages. And make it all work with the blog, for example, with some kind of menu on top, so that the styles don’t fall apart anywhere.

If you are ready to help me with this, please write to me on Telegram @dsokolovskiy or on email

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