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Audio engineers

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Who are some top-notch, professional mix engineers for trance and psytrance? I have an album that I want some professional help on, but I can’t seem to find the right engineers for the job.

Evan Smith

Music production and post-production, which includes mixing and mastering, requires different skills and different kind of knowledge. A good producer does not necessarily have to be a good engineer as well — it’s distinctive professions. And it is commendable that you have decided to find a professional engineer, rather than release a half-assed product.

There are plenty of good engineers around, but I can advise only the ones with whom I dealt personally, or by trusted recommendations. Here they are (not in particular order):

  • Ido Ophir “Domestic”, Israel.
  • Drasko Radovanovic “Relativ”, Serbia (no longer does it)
  • Milos Modrinic “Sideform”, Serbia.
  • Barthelemy Bayona “Bart XSI”, France.
  • Edward Mouftiev “Cybered”, Russia.
  • Andrey Vakhnenko “Andi Vax”, Ukraine.
  • Tim Schuldt, Germany.

Perhaps, dear readers want to recommend more worthy engineers in the comment box below.

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This post is a part of the “Advice” series. I’m happy to advise on such topics as music production, sound design, performance, management, marketing, and career advice in the music industry and beyond. Send me your questions via Google Form.

F1END 2019

Just to update this, I have recently contacted Drasko Radovanovic about mastering and he says he no longer does it, as he doesn’t have time to commit to it fully.

Daniel Lesden 2019

Thanks for the update!

Chris Collins 1 y

I am A smaller mix and mastering engineer stationed in Ontario Canada. Check out my linkedin profile for portfolio. Sonic Alley Studios

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