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A good documentary from Pioneers about the impact of social media on DJs and the industry. I liked the fact that the view is not one-sided, but both pros and cons are expressed.

I tend to lean more towards the “everything is good in moderation” approach: if a DJ spends every minute of his free time on social networks, something has gone wrong; if people on the dance floor don’t let their phones out of their hands, something is all the more wrong.

I’ll leave these quotes from the film here:

‘Being at the clubs for a moment itself is all about being amazed by the music, feeling the atmosphere, meeting other people who feel the same as you do about the tracks being played. As soon as you pull your phone out, you lose all of it, you lose the essence of the reason why you’re there.’

There’s definitely a danger that we’re losing human connectivity as a result of living through our screens. When you used to go to a club, it was about the music but it was also about meeting people. And now it’s about the music and taking photos of that music and posting it in real-time and not about people around you. And I think we’re all missing some of the magic of the moment because of it.’//

Highly recommend watching the whole thing.

 27   2019   Health   Music Industry   Pioneer   Social media
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