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John Dopping on music sales

Do you remember my advice The truth about music sales, posted last year? Yesterday John Dopping from Research & Development posted his opinion on that, pretty much confirming what I was written about:

“Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Almost every ‘producer’ that appears in the Beatport top 100 makes absolutely no income from their work. Beatport take a cut, the distributor takes a cut (and tries to con labels out of money in a plethora of ways that I’m happy to elaborate on), labels invent artificial ‘expenses’ (which, as a label owner, I can tell you are completely bogus). After all that, the label typically contrives an arbitrary ‘minimum income payout’ which means they don’t have to pay the artist until they earn up to £100 or more, which is, basically, never.”

Almost every producer that appears in the Beatport top 100 makes absolutely no income from their work

These are the sad realities of the current music industry state that many producers don’t want to talk about, but I think it shouldn’t be hidden. If you are an upcoming producer, keep that in mind.

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