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Tag: Psytrance Guide

In August 2017, I’ve launched Psytrance Guide — a small side-project made on the weekend just for fun back then when I produced psytrance

 1 comment    1151   2020   my playlists   Psytrance Guide   Spotify

With the introduction of Psytrance Guide, I get asked a lot of question and most of them repeat. To make things easier both for you and myself, I’ll put answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

 No comments    506   2017   Psytrance Guide

Or why Progressive Psy tracks you know are probably not Progressive at all

 6 comments    2708   2017   Progressive House   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance Guide

A great place to discover Psychedelic music Dear fellows, I’m pleased to introduce you the Psytrance Guide

 9 comments    4164   2017   Psy scene   Psytrance Guide
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