Rave Podcast 119

November 2020

November‘s episode is already available on Soundcloud, YouTube, in the Spotify playlist, and on Patreon (with direct downloads, higher audio quality, RSS feed, no voice-overs, and more goodies).

The show is full of musical discoveries and flashbacks: from the newest releases of the month to my all-time favourite lesser-known tracks. Prepare to get trancey and hypnotised, proper heads-down.

00:00 Yeadon — Unite (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
05:09 Deetech — Trip (Original Mix) Basica Recordings
07:58 Trilingo — Get Something (Tim Taste Remix) Soupherb Records
12:03 Adrian Hour — Again Faster (Alberto Ruiz Remix) Natura Viva
15:37 Narel — Baseline (Scanfix Remix) Forescape Digital
18:40 John 00 Fleming, Solarstone — Hemispheres (Expanded Mix) Pure Trance
24:13 Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy — Tasio 25 (Original Mix) Selected Records
28:14 Spektre — Forerunner (Original Club Mix) Toolroom Records
32:12 Mha Iri — Aria (Original Mix) Respekt Recordings
35:43 Relaunch — Area C Level 0 (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
39:39 Cosmithex — Nebulous (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
43:34 Dark Matter — It’s Not What You Think (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
47:03 Push — Strange World (Joyhauser Remix) Terminal M
49:15 Dave Krapf — Dark Isolation (Original Mix) Prospekt Records
51:40 Psychosonic — Now Or Never (Original Mix) Jotown Records
54:36 Whirloop — A Fascination For Clouds (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings

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Rave Podcast is a monthly radio show where I share my findings and favourite tracks from the world of underground electronic music: mostly progressive house, trance and techno. I host it since 2011.

Rave Podcast is broadcast on the second Friday of every month DI.FM and as a premiere on YouTube, then it becomes available on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and Spotify playlist. Subscribers on on Patreon can listen to new episodes in one week before the premiere (with no voice-overs, no jingles, and in the best audio quality, among other goodies). All episodes and tracklists are also published on the blog.

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Shikolat | شیکولات 2020

Thanks for the good list. I love podcasts

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