Daniel Sokolovskiy

Hi. I’m a passionate music specialist, content creator, educator, growth mindset adept, and productivity nerd.

I work as a music curator at Beatport and a label manager at JOOF Recordings. I’m also a DJ and music producer under the alias of Daniel Lesden, and the creator of Psytrance Guide.

To keep my thoughts organised, I run a blog where I write about productivity, behind-the-scenes, music, marketing, and more topics which I find interesting to share.

Feel free to get in touch and connect with me on social media platforms. I’m based in the UK.


With over a decade of professional involvement in various roles within the electronic music industry, my passion for all things music runs deep. Since 2011, I’ve been hosting a monthly radio show, performing at international gigs, releasing music, and creating numerous DJ mixes – all accessible on my music alias website.

Joining Beatport as a curator in 2023, I’m now bringing my passion and expertise to enrich the global music community, contributing to the evolution of genres.


As a lifelong learner, I derive immense satisfaction from sharing and teaching others about my domain, recognising the interconnection between learning and teaching. Since 2015, I’ve run an advice series where I offer insights based on my experience, addressing readers’ questions about music production, DJing, performance, marketing, management, and other facets of the music industry. The series aims to disseminate knowledge and foster professionalism within the music industry.

Additionally, this year, I’ve created an online course that covers the fundamental aspects of DJing, designed to help anyone get started in this craft.

This course serves as a solid foundation, enabling you to play sets at home or public events, potentially kickstarting a journey into something bigger.

Comprising 12 illustrated lessons, I delve into the essentials: the minimum requirements for a DJ set, the distinctions between controllers and players, insights on records, disks, and flash drives, guidance on choosing equipment for your home setup, and whether purchasing is necessary. Additionally, I provide clear demonstrations of track mixing steps, explanations of controls, and analysis of common mistakes.

The course will be available in English language soon.


My blog serves as a crucial tool for my professional and personal growth while offering (hopefully somewhat) valuable insights to thousands of its readers along the way. If you’re new here, I’d suggest checking out some of my favourite posts below to get started:


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