Ask Me Anything 001

Building up a set, my DJ playlists, and opinion on the Trance scene

Welcome to ‘Ask Me Anything’, a new audio series where I answer your questions on music curation, the art of DJing, the music industry, record labels, behind-the-scenes, productivity, tech, and other areas of expertise and pretty much anything else, as the name suggests.

As you might know, over the years I’ve been pretty vocal about sharing knowledge and have written over a hundred of advice on my blog. So although this podcast is new, here I’m doing pretty much the same thing, just in a new format.

In this episode:

‘I would love to see how a DJ set builds up. Is it driven by the mood or more like new tracks / tracks you haven’t played before?’
‘It would be really interesting to understand the reasoning behind how you curate your DJ playlists’
‘How would you assess the current state of the Trance scene, including your thoughts on the quality of music being released nowadays?’

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Timestamps of this episode’s preview:

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