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Tag: Skazka Festival

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No matter when my set time is – at 1 or 4 AM, I always try to arrive at the venue prior to the doors opening, especially if it’s the first time

 No comments    200   2020   Advice   Behind the scenes   DJing   Etiquette   Gigs   Skazka Festival

Here are a few photos from my Saturday’s gig...

 No comments    182   2020   Gigs   Music Media Dome   Photo   Russia   Skazka Festival

As being promised, here’s my recorded live set from Skazka Festival where I played last Saturday. I keep receiving a lot of heartfuls feedback from the people who were there on the dancefloor

 No comments    149   2020   DJ sets   Gigs   Music Media Dome   Russia   Skazka Festival   Techno

See you on the dancefloor of Skazka Festival at Music Media Dome tonight! Catch me playing some dark Techno grooves at the alter stage at 01...

 No comments    100   2020   Gigs   Music Media Dome   Russia   Skazka Festival

This Saturday we will meet at Skazka Festival in Music Media Dom, the largest media space of the planet

 No comments    98   2020   Gigs   Music Media Dome   Russia   Skazka Festival   Video

🇷🇺 Moscow, February 8, 2020 I am pleased to announce that I will perform at the festival of electronic music, Skazka, headliners of which will be the most talented musicians and my...

 No comments    113   2020   Gigs   Music Media Dome   Russia   Skazka Festival   Upcoming gigs
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