My first production experience. Part 2: flashback to 2006—2011

Raves, break, and back to the dream

2005 was a very important year for me: finally, I’ve become 18 years old, which means I could go to all parties with no problem. Before that I heard PsyTrance only at home, I had no idea how does it sound like on big venues. So I raved a lot, exploring the psychedelic culture.

I’m in the handmade UV-fluoro painted T-shirt, 2005. Damn, I was such a freak!

Of course, it affected the music I’ve produced. I still used Reason that time:

This one was my favourite (the second half):

I was lucky to play as a DJ several times in between of 2005~2008, that’s when I seriously thought to make a career in music for the first time.

But circumstances were stronger at that time: I went to study at University and work, so I left my dream — for 3 years I didn’t even open any music software. It was the life of just a regular guy with a study, work, and occasional parties in between. But deep inside I knew I still to want to make music.

In 2011 I made a decision: if I completely left music, I will regret it all the rest of my life. So, to bring my skills to a whole new level, understand the process behind the production and learn DJing, I went to study at Moscow-based Audio School.

First track after several years break. Ableton Live, 2011. Clearly, at that time I had no idea how to organize projects

Two more months later:

That’s it. Since then, everything I do now you can hear in my discography :-)

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Mike Walshe (Satinka) 2019

Really enjoyable article....thanks for sharing Daniil. Very interesting to hear the path that producers/musicians take and how they arrive at where they are.

Norberto Sanchez (Ulukuom) 2019

You are a great inspiration Daniil. Im relativ new in the scene, i hope can work together soon.

raver dave 2019

I love “Contact”.... First time I heard it was on the progressive textures compilation by Ovnimoon. It is so powerful! Thx!

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