Catch The Beat review of The Human Element

Catch The Beat is a blog of electronic music, running by Jayden Kouli and his team. They showcasing the tracks to share passions and to build a community that unites through music. This time Jayden reviewed Daniel Lesden remix of The Human Element, just released on Pharmacy Music.

Psytrance is just one of those genres that you have to listen to and get lost within, it gives you that outer-world experience and it takes you to a place that you didn’t think existed. The Daniel Lesden remix of Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn — „The Human Element“ is just one of those tracks and damn how we love the faster BPM, sending you on a journey.

The tune will awaken all your senses and bring you to a higher state of consciousness, bring on the perfection and let it hit you like a truck.

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Text — Jayden Kouli

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