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Tag: A&R

Posts related to my job of A&R manager at JOOF Recordings.

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“Tell me how you organize the process of listening to music: demos coming to the label and just new releases in different genres. Do you listen on the speakers or on headphones? How do you manage to stay focused on the music to listen to all the tracks thoroughly?”. Answering the questions from Nikolay Glazyrin

 No comments    345   2021   A&R   Advice   Productivity   Tools

An insight look at an A&R routine When I joined the JOOF Recordings team as an A&R assistant in 2015, things were done using the typical tool that everyone uses — email

It’s safe to say that my previous advice on sending a demo is one of the most popular articles on this blog

 2 comments    266   2017   A&R   Advice   Music industry

Success story: Tim Bourne’s behind the scenes on reaching out goal through rejections

We had a nice release out yesterday on JOOF from a guy called Samer Soltan aka “Drexander”, two atmospheric Progressive tracks...

 No comments    31   2017   A&R   Music industry

And how to increase chances for a response Hi Daniel, as far as I know you are an A&R at JOOF. Can you share some insights on sending demo, how to increase chances for reply...

Read also: How to send a demo

 No comments    152   2015   A&R   I am
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