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Music Talk is a blog that features exclusive interviews, reviews, and other interesting tidbits from artists who are part of the Electronic Dance Music world. Writer Kostas Voulgaris reviewed Enuma Elish.

Daniel is back with a vengeance on an iconic label known for it’s harder style and euphoric tendencies.

As is evident from the title this is a track jam-packed with mystical entities. Taking a trip back to the era of the creation as described by the Assyrians and Babylonians in their revered tome.

This is Psytrance at its finest!

The listener begins to feel the tense atmosphere as out of the vast emptiness one finds himself/herself guided by unseen deities serving as our hosts during this miraculous journey. Chants and spiritual cries are heard in the distance while the traveller begins to fall deeper and deeper into the abyss which is being transfigured right in front of our very eyes.

Enuma Elish is mystical, atmospheric and compelling. One listen and it will be on repeat, inspiring you to seize the day and conquer your own personal goals!

This is Psytrance at its finest!

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Text — Kostas Voulgaris

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