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Daniel Lesden’s interview that has been made for United States Trance Movement.

Hi Daniel, how are you doing? Thanks for taking some time out on your busy schedule. We know you’re swamped in the studio, we can discuss that in a bit.
Hello guys, it’s a pleasure for me to talk too.

For those who may know not you on this side of the pond, tell us briefly on how Daniel came onto the Progressive Psy scene.
I loved trance music since early childhood and tried to write some of my first tracks at the age of 12, but only in 2011 I decided to become a professional artist to spread good music around. I graduated Moscow-based Audio School, and as the result, my first track «Contact» was born, later released as my debut EP on Ovnimoon Records. Followed by that, my second and third EPs were released on Synergetic Records. That’s how my path started.

You grew up in Moscow, right? But you live in Israel. Tell us about the move.
Yes, that’s right. You may love Moscow if you are a tourist, but for me, a huge megapolis with mostly cold weather wasn’t the best place. Now I live right near the Sea with 8 months of summer during a year — the place just makes me happy!

Artist influences? Who do you look up to?
One of the artists who inspire me a lot is John Fleming. Being more than 20 years in his musical career and still doing his best, surprising fans with each new release — that’s what I would like to do too.

Your monthly show Rave Podcast features some great guest mixes along with an hour from yourself, showcasing some of the best of the underground scene. How has that been going?
Looking back in time for almost 3 years (the show was born on February 2011), the first episodes did not have any guests and was mixed terrible (laughing). Rave Podcast is a bit more than just a monthly radio show, it’s a reflection of myself in a musical way. You can listen to the show from the first episode and see how my tastes have changed and skills have improved. Each month I try to do my best, so I hope you’ll enjoy Rave Podcast for some more time.

This year we saw some great remixes along with your Mars One EP. What do you have in store next? Anything you can tell us exclusively?
Probably you know about my forthcoming studio album because I announced it public already. But by the secret, you’ll hear another release from me before the album. It is going to be a single — a pure dancefloor track with slightly tech-groove, which is an experiment from me.

What does Daniel do for R&R (Rest & Relaxation)?
I live a healthy lifestyle and love running, especially since I live in Israel and can run along the coast where there are amazing views of sunsets at the Sea. Running for me is something like active meditation — when I’m running I feel the road under my feet, music in my ears, and nothing else in my mind.

You have an upcoming album in store. What can you tell us?
From start to finish, it will be a complete musical journey, where each track is connected with each other and related to the album title. I definitely can say that this album has consolidated all my musical vision and skills in one place. Can’t wait to let you guys listen to it!

Your productions have been supported by some major artists in the scene. How does one take in a great feeling?
There is a lot of work behind each track, so of course, it’s amazing when your job is appreciated and supported by big name artists. I am also very grateful to my listeners. Weather its a small comment from someone from Brazil, or detailed feedback from guys from Germany, I want to thank every single listener around the globe — your support is the best guys!

Where can we see you play next? Any confirmed events?
I just recently settled in another country, so I didn’t have as many bookings last time. On a positive side, it’s given me a chance to focus on studio production, so that’s how I spent the last several months. There was talks about my India tour this Fall, but it was delayed probably till 2014. Hope the album will spread my name across party promoters a bit; and I’ll be able to rock on the dancefloors around the world.

If the world was ending in 24 hours, what would you do?
I’d organize a meeting with my family members who live in several different countries. Spend time with my family and friends — priceless.

Is music production full time for you? If not, what else do you? Your wife probably takes up most of your time right?
I would like to have music production as a full time job, but it’s not just yet. I would like to be able to produce even more music — is one of my ultimate goals. Isn’t everyone dreaming to do what they love to do? :-) So for now I have another full time job, related to web marketing. My wife married a musical freak guy who spends 18 hours per day sitting on a computer, she has great patience. I am very grateful to my wife that she lets me do what I want and supports all my crazy ideas.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be? The USA? New York?
The whole world is new for me, so I would play with huge pleasure equally, everywhere. Weather it’s an underground club in the UK, a desert rave in Israel, forest trip in Europe, or a huge area in the USA.

Any last words for your fans and our readers at US Trance movement?
Don’t look at a neighbor’s playlist and modern trends, but love music that your heart really cares about, let the music be with you!

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