Underground Trance Essentials Vol.7

As a Beatport curator, every once in a while, I create DJ charts within the ongoing series titled Underground Trance Essentials to highlight some of the best tracks from the newly added Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) genre. Whether they were released yesterday or a decade ago, these tracks unquestionably deserve appreciation.

In this instalment, I featured music from Alpha Tracks, Cybernet, Reaky, Pjotr G, Dubiosity, Spray, Pig&Dan, John 00 Fleming, Antithet, Jamie Baggotts, and Whirloop.

Don’t miss out on this selection – take a listen: beatport.com/chart/underground-trance-essentials-vol7/799543

I’m also curating a Spotify playlist featuring tracks from these charts, making it convenient to enjoy them all in one consolidated place.

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