Rave Podcast 040

Special guest of the month: Psytellite

Rave Podcast September edition is already available for download on the main website, Soundcloud and iTunes. This month we have a blasting high-quality music from Darma, Time Lock, Suntree, Opposite8, Sonic Sense Music and more artist

As a special guest for the second hour, this month is Psytellite, the winner of the guest mix contest. This guy did a brilliant job for mixing, selection and creating a full musical journey. I’m sure we’ll hear more good works from him in the near future.


0:00:00 Esh – Flame Box (Original Mix)
0:05:57 Astrix – Vicious Cycles (Original Mix)
0:07:51 Darma – Triple X (Original Mix)
0:11:18 Timelock – Redline (Original Mix)
0:13:26 Side Effects – Insectophobia (Original Mix)
0:18:32 Suntree – Lolita (Original Mix)
0:24:27 Opposite8 – Natural Culture (Original Mix)
0:28:56 Ascent – Middle East (Original Mix)
0:32:42 Source Code & Illegal Substances – Spiritual Connection (Original Mix)
0:37:03 Day Dream – Unseen Desire (Shanko Remix)
0:41:19 Solaris Vibe & Sonic Sense – Pornstars Overdose (Original Mix)
0:44:08 Mr Suspect – Angels & Demons (Original Mix)
0:48:48 Manmachine – Where is Cynthia (Original Mix)
0:51:51 Double Click & Sonic Sense – Double Sense (Original Mix)
0:56:03 Magnus – Signal Strength (Daniel Lesden Remix)

Guest mix by Psytellite (Russia)

0:59:56 Side Effects, Static Movement — Matrix (Orginal Mix)
1:04:49 Egorythmia, Hi Profile — Wake Up (Original Mix)
1:10:04 Megamind, Ghost Rider — The Way Out (Original Mix)
1:14:11 Ovnimoon & Flegma — The Liberation (Flegma Edit)
1:17:47 Talpa — The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
1:23:11 Shift — Pump (Ectima Remix)
1:27:50 Major7, Capital Monkey — Unnatural (Original Mix)
1:31:34 Waio, Avalon — Super Duper High (Waio Remix)
1:34:57 E-Clip — Psy Tribe (Original Mix)
1:39:09 Symbolic, Vertical Mode — Time Traveller (Original Mix)
1:43:49 Lyctum — Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix)
1:48:27 AudioGramme, Metahumanizer — Dreaming (Metahumanizer 2013 Remix)
1:53:47 Tripy — Rythmika (Original Mix)
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