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Rave Podcast 022

Special guest of the month: Astral Projection


0:00:00 Synthetic Pulse – Synthetic Pulse (Original Mix)
0:06:25 Airwave – Atlas Winds (Original Mix)
0:13:14 Oliver Prime – Hello World (Take 3)
0:19:45 Cristo Disto – Arabic Emotion (Original Mix)
0:25:26 Imago – Black God (Original Mix)
0:33:26 Chameleon & Temporal Coding – Tachyon Generator (Original Mix)
0:39:21 Braincell – Psychedelics (Original Mix)
0:44:43 Materia – Gate Down (Original Mix)
0:50:03 Eleusyn – Kosmodrom (Original Mix)
0:54:05 Nova Fractal – Perception (Original Mix)

Guest mix by Astral Projection (Israel)

0:59:40 Astral Projection – Chaos (Original Mix)
1:08:22 Astral Projection – The Nexus (Original Mix)
1:16:24 Astral Projection – One (Original Mix)
1:24:16 Astral Projection – The Prophecy (Original Mix)
1:31:04 Astral Projection – Infinite Justice (Original Mix)
1:37:44 Astral Projection – Heaven’s Gate (Original Mix)
1:45:11 Astral Projection – Liquid Sun (Original Mix)
1:52:56 Astral Projection – We Have The Technology (Original Mix)

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Rave Podcast is a monthly radio show where I share my findings and favourite tracks from the world of underground electronic music: mostly progressive house, trance and techno. I host it since 2011.

Rave Podcast is broadcast on the second Friday of every month DI.FM and as a premiere on YouTube, then it becomes available on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify playlist, and on Patreon (with no voice-overs, no jingles, and in the best audio quality, among other goodies). All episodes and tracklists are also published on the blog.

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