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Facebook is my main news hub where I share upcoming releases, gigs, photos, videos, and blogs. Typically, I post 3–5 times a week.

Telegram and Twitter duplicate what I post on Facebook, with occasional extra content.

On Vkontakte, I write in the Russian language for my fans out of from Russia and CIS.

I also upload vlogs and gigs videos on YouTube and share travel photos, selfies, and studio routine on Instagram.

Rave Podcast 120

December 2020

The last episode of 2020 is already available on Soundcloud, YouTube, in the Spotify playlist, and on Patreon (with direct downloads, higher audio quality, RSS feed, no voice-overs, and more goodies).

00:00 Domased Electronica — Temple Of Art (LoQuai Remix) Mistique Music
04:37 The Digital Blonde — Eviense (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
10:10 Biologik — Breaking Through (Weepee Remix) Fragments Records
13:43 Ivan Nikusev — Aurora (Relaunch Remix) Mistique Music
18:59 Acidova — Elements (Original Mix) Morphosis Records
23:44 Enlusion — Night Stalker (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
27:44 Bleier — Resonant (Original Mix) Subwoofer Factory
31:46 Monococ, Kreisel — Latirus (Original Mix) Element Audio
34:46 Armystrial — Fire (Remix Eric Sneo) Trial Records
38:02 Drunken Kong — Vibration (Original Mix) Tronic
41:48 Daniel Lesden — A Train Into Darkness (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
45:33 Stiv Hey — Delta (Original Mix) Set About
49:32 Hollen, Stiv Hey — Do You Feel (Original Mix) Prospekt Records
53:21 Horizons — The Mind Flayer (Cosmithex Remix) Forescape Digital
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Rave Podcast is a monthly radio show hosted by Daniel Lesden, bringing you the best of high-quality underground music since 2011. It showcases some of the finest Progressive, Trance, and Techno, as well as Daniel Lesden’s musical taste. The show is broadcast every second Friday of a month on Digitally Imported radio, Spotify playlist, iTunes podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Subscribe to podcast to never miss a new episode.

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