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I found that most artists, for some reason, do not share any information about music production and music career. And I would like to change it.

Being an artist myself, I want to hear more quality tracks when I browsing Beatport or other musical stores. I want DJs to act more professionally on the stage. I want to let aspiring musicians easier to find useful tips.

With all of this, I’m introducing Advice. I would be happy to help with advice on such topics as production, performance, management, marketing, and design in terms of the music industry and beyond. There is a lot of things I don’t know in music yet too, thus I would be glad to learn it all together and make this knowledge wide open. Ask your questions via Google Form.

The answers will be posted here weekly on Wednesdays, starting on August 5.

 114   2015   Advice

Since 2015, I’ve run an advice section giving my experience and answering readers’ questions on music production, DJing, performing, marketing, management, and other aspects of the music industry. The purpose of the series is to spread knowledge and cultivate professionalism in the music industry. The advice series works simply: you send me your questions, and I answer them with a blog post when I have something relevant to say. Send me your questions via the form.

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