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Generate Project review of Life Simulation

Generate Project is on-demand radio, music portal and blog. Stuff writer Kostas Voulgaris reviewed Life Simulation EP, Daniel’s latest release on JOOF Recordings.

Daniel demonstrates the diversity he has as an artist in the fullest measure. A testament to the above statement is his new EP which completely redefines him as it happens to be a trip towards him more progressive side.

A. Life Simulation

The EP’s signature title track is an instant gem, starting off in a slow manner progressing inch by inch ever while enthralling the listener arousing his curiosity of what will be coming around the corner. The magnitude of the track is indeed its progression. When the break in the track arrives we are compelled into a futuristic world, lush with spacey aural water droplets and sci-fi dialogue preparing us for the defining moment that follows with the peak of the track.

B. One Way Journey

This one delivers exactly what it promises. A moody, throbbing bassline welcomes us aboard our aural travelling experience followed by the perfect amount of techy tension combining sweet melody snippets and haunting choir chants thus enhancing the epic atmosphere of the track. Retaining elements from classic trance anthems such as Bullet In The Gun by Planet Perfecto, this is a one-way journey I’d gladly pack my bags and embark on.

It is evident that the choice of either of the tracks aparting this EP when played would instantly set the mood for a memorable dance music event.

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Text — Kostas Voulgaris

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 14   2015   Life Simulation   Press reviews