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Video from my talk @ Audio School, 05.12.2017

In December, I gave a talk at the Audio School in Moscow, where I shared my personal experience as a musician, and now it’s available on YouTube as well.

The video is in the Russian language, but you can still watch it with the subtitles:

00:00 Intro
03:56 Expectations and why they are important
08:02 Studio: how to avoid writer’s block
14:05 Release: what to do with music next
24:26 Audience: why artists need it
39:23 Routine: how to organize things

It was my first public performance where I had to say something, and I was terribly nervous. There is a lot to work on in the future: intonation, gaze, posture, and all that. Right now I look pretty dull.

However, this doesn’t make the information less valuable, so if you’re a beginner musician – definitely watch it.

I would be happy to give a talk at a conference, electronic music school, or any other music-educational event. Please get in touch if you would like to invite me as a speaker.

See also photos from this talk.

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Under the stage name Daniel Lesden I perform as a DJ in clubs, open-air events, festivals in Russia and internationally. If you want to book me for your event, please get in touch.

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