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I’m starting a new video series!

I have a short but exciting announcement today: I’m starting a video blog!

The plan is the following: every two weeks or so I will record videos with my thoughts and advice on DJing, production, labels, and other topics related to music and beyond. It’s like advice series but in video format. It aims toward DJs and producers mainly, although it might be interesting for regular listeners and everyone who enjoys electronic dance music in general as well, you know, like behind the scenes.

I will be uploading these videos on YouTube, so the key message of this post is to subscribe to my channel, and there will be some useful content soon.

Here’s a teaser:

Yes, the videos will be in English. To be honest, my English is not so good, but I want the videos to be helpful to a wider audience. YouTube is pretty good at translating subtitles, so you can watch it even if you don’t know English.

In general, I usually pay a lot of attention to the quality: how the picture looks, how you can hear the audio, what’s in the frame, what’s with my facial expression, and, of course, what accent I pronounce it all. Some of you may even remember my first attempt at a video blog in 2017, but back then it was too big of a challenge for a perfectionist introvert person like me. I mean, the idea of a video blog is not new to me, but there was no way to turn it into action. And now I realized that I just need to start doing it anyway: sometimes something that is not so perfect is better than nothing.

Anyway, please subscribe to the channel, hit the notification bell, and all that. I’ll be glad to have your support.

P.S. Those who are supporting me on Patreon will be able to watch my videos one week before the general audience on YouTube.

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