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A Train Into Darkness preview

As you probably know from my blog, I use certain tags to organise my DJ collection so I know exactly what to play in my sets and where to find those tracks in my playlists. One of such important thing for me is what I call ”Hands-up” or ”Heads-down” tracks.

How I prepare my DJ sets. Organising playlists by energy levels, vibe, and flow

”Hands-up” is pretty self-explanatory, it’s that kind of tracks with big breakdowns and drops when the crowd literally put their hands up in the air.

”Heads-down”, on the other side, is more hypnotic kind of tracks, sort of B-sides if you will. It’s like when you lock yourself into the groove and you just dance on and on with your eyes closed.

Today, I’d like to share with you a preview of this kind of tracks, the heads-down. Imagine yourself going on a train... a train into darkness:

To be released next month on JOOF Recordings. A longer snippet is available on SoundCloud.

 248   2021   A Train Into Darkness
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