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Music library editorial standards

I have a quite large music library and I care about keeping it nice and clean. To do so, I use editorial standards — a set of few simple rules that helps to make all titles accurate and informative

 No comments    6   2018   iTunes

Dark iTunes

Finally, soon we’ll get what I’ve been waiting for so long — a darker user interface on iTunes. I think many DJs and producers who get used to a dark environment will appreciate the new system-wide dark

 No comments    73   2018   iTunes   macOS

An easy fix that would make iTunes better

I’m using iTunes for about six years now. It keeps my DJ music collection nice and organized and works as a central hub for all the music and podcasts

 No comments    10   2016   iTunes

Organising music library

Hi Daniel, I’m an up and coming DJ, and it seems my music library is getting out of control with all those countless songs and folders

 2 comments    999   2015   Advice   iTunes   Management

Setting up a podcast on iTunes

I’m starting my radio show next month I am thinking to make a podcast for it as well on iTunes. After many tutorials and articles, I failed to know how to connect my podcast to iTunes...

 No comments    14   2015   Advice   iTunes   Marketing

iTunes search fix

I noticed that the iTunes search become working painfully slow after one of the recent OS X updates. That spinning icon and freezes for a few seconds was annoying to death

 1 comment    8   2014   iTunes