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Wow, that was good! I got some video clips sent to me, take a look

 No comments    12   10 mo   Aglomerat Club   Gigs   Russia   Skazka Rave   Techno   Video

This Saturday we will meet at Skazka Festival in Music Media Dom, the largest media space of the planet

 No comments    98   2020   Gigs   Music Media Dome   Russia   Skazka Festival   Video

I started collecting music from an early age – long before I first stood in the DJ booth. Finding some amazing track among hundreds of others and sharing it with your loved ones is an amazing feeling

 No comments    33   2020   Gigs   Guru Bar   Open To Close   Rave People   Russia   Upcoming gigs   Video

A fresh video from Cercle — Len Faki at the naval history museum in New York. Quite a neat venue for a Techno rave, I mean, why not?...

 No comments    72   2019   Cercle   Techno   Video

I continue to share my favourite videos (see the previous note about it)

 No comments    604   2019   Cercle   Techno   Video

Wow, Boiler Room and Genalec made stunning and hilarious videos on reverb, delay, and distortion, full of the rave spirit of the nineteenth

 No comments    74   2019   Boiler Room   Fun   Music production   Video

I like listening to DJ sets, and sometimes I like to watch live videos as well. I usually keep them in the background when doing things, dancing to the beat

 No comments    525   2019   Cercle   Progressive House   Video

I recorded a humble video invitation to my upcoming gig in London on June 15

 No comments    97   2019   Dance:Love:Hub   Gigs   United Kingdom   Video

There were some video fragments from my Open To Close uploaded over Instagram, and I’ve combined them into a single YouTube clip

 No comments    22   2019   Gigs   Open To Close   Russia   Video
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