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Upcoming gigs of Daniel Lesden

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🇷🇺 Moscow, December 2020 For the past months, I missed you guys, the dances, the venues, the sound systems, and of course, the music that flows through your body

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🇳🇱 Zandvoort, June 25, 2020 Luminosity Beach Festival in the Netherlands just announced a full lineup, and this year there are many interesting names

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I started collecting music from an early age – long before I first stood in the DJ booth. Finding some amazing track among hundreds of others and sharing it with your loved ones is an amazing feeling

 No comments    33   2020   Gigs   Guru Bar   Open To Close   Rave People   Russia   Upcoming gigs   Video

🇷🇺 Moscow, February 8, 2020 I am pleased to announce that I will perform at the festival of electronic music, Skazka, headliners of which will be the most talented musicians and my...

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🇷🇺 Moscow, August 10, 2019 More info — soon

 No comments    113   2019   Gigs   JOOF Showcase   Russia   Upcoming gigs
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