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Facebook is my main news hub where I share upcoming releases, gigs, photos, videos, and blogs. Typically, I post 3–5 times a week.

Telegram and Twitter duplicate what I post on Facebook, with occasional extra content.

On Vkontakte, I write in the Russian language for my fans out of from Russia and CIS.

I also upload vlogs and gigs videos on YouTube and share travel photos, selfies, and studio routine on Instagram.

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Binary Star is out now

A new single on JOOF Recordings.

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Special mix for Luminosity Broadcast 2020

My guest mix for Luminosity Festival as part of their online event is available on Soundcloud and here with a full tracklisting

Rave Podcast 112

April 2020 Daniel Lesden — Rave Podcast 112

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Rave Podcast 111

March 2020 Daniel Lesden — Rave Podcast 111

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Live @ Open To Close 2020

Wow, Open To Close last Saturday was on fire! I feel very grateful for being able to play the music I love and get such an amazing response from the crowd for every track and twist I played during this

DJ set from December’s Rave Session

As the last treat of 2019, here’s my recorded live set for you I’ve played at Rave People event on Friday...

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Rave Podcast 108

December 2019 17 tracks, from older ones to yet unreleased premiers, this is a heads-down journey of high-quality underground music crossing the genres

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DJ set from October’s Rave Session

Last Saturday I played a ‘turbo’ set at Rave People with some of the finest Techno-Trance tracks from Raito, Thomas Schumacher, Bart Skills, Jay Lumen

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Live @ Trance Chapter

Last Saturday I played at Trance Chapter party with a quite unique lineup: ten Russian artists, each with his own vision of Trance music

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Track of the week: Salvation Slumberland

Whirloop is one of those artists whose music doesn’t fit any particular subgenre’s standard, it’s a musical journey that flows in a beautiful and unpredictable way

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