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10th-anniversary three-hour special episode!

I promised there would be a lot of music from me this month, so there you have it...

 No comments    230   9 mo   Guest mixes   Progressive House   Progressive Trance   Psytrance

Don Ruijgrok, Basil O’Glue, Sasha Carassi, Alex Stein, Ectima, Reaky, Flutlicht, and more.

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Amir Hussain, Rick Pier O’Neil, Perry O’Neil, Pleasurekraft, Rex Mundi, Thomas Heckmann, Viper Diva, Human Blue, and more.

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Here’s my recorded live set for you, almost half an hour longer than planned. It’s one of those sets that may seem slow-paced at first, but by the end

Many asked if I recorded the set from my Open To Close last Saturday, and the answer is yes! The full set in high-quality streaming is up on SoundCloud now

Last Saturday I played a 1-hour set at Psyler Room — it’s a DJ live stream similar to Boiler Room, but with no people dancing around

 No comments    91   2019   DJ sets   Gigs   Hyperdimension Promo   Progressive Psy   Psyler Room   Psytrance   Russia   Techno   Video

A new collaboration on Digital Om Productions My new collaboration with Indonesian talent Tim Bourne titled “Constellations” is out now on Digital Om Productions as a part of “Universal Progressions”

Last week I played a guest mix for Trance Universe marathon with 15 tracks including a few tracks and mashups from myself, and it’s now up online on SoundCloud

 No comments    30   2019   Guest mixes   Mashups   Psytrance   Trance Universe

Last Saturday I played at Trance Chapter party with a quite unique lineup: ten Russian artists, each with his own vision of Trance music

 No comments    70   2019   DJ sets   Mashups   Pravda Club   Psytrance   Russia   Trance   Trance Chapters
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