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I kept my promise to make more music, and today I’m happy to introduce you a preview of my new single that is coming out on Digital Om Productions later this month

 No comments    35   2017   Existence   Preview

I’m excited to reveal previews of my next EP which is coming out next week on JOOF Recordings

 No comments    7   2015   Life Simulation   Preview

I’m glad to present a preview of my forthcoming track. JOOF Recordings’ resident Mekka and myself are teamed up to create a lush melodic Progressive track with a slightly uplifting feeling

 No comments    30   2014   Aurora   Preview

I’m pleased to present you a preview of my remix for one of my favourite tracks — Feel The Effect by Whirloop’

 No comments    6   2014   Feel The Effect   Preview

Orbiting the Sun slower than any of the other planets in our visible solar system, Neptune sits at the outer reaches of our space

 No comments    409   2014   Chronicles Of The Universe   Preview

Hiding behind the impenetrable deep haze of charged particles is the coldest planetary atmosphere in our solar system

 No comments    95   2014   Chronicles Of The Universe   Preview

The shadow of what was once a gaseous nebula dating from the fiery beginnings of the Solar System sets the scene for what is a mysteriously dark and eerie track

 No comments    21   2014   Chronicles Of The Universe   Preview

Appearing in our night time sky is arguably the most beautiful planet in our solar system. This enormous, rapidly rotating gaseous giant certainly lives up to its deadly Jovian reputation as the King of the Gods

 No comments    83   2014   Chronicles Of The Universe   Preview

Many would suggest that Mars was once a vibrant and habitable planet where a highly sophisticated society more technologically advanced than our own once existed

 No comments    167   2014   Chronicles Of The Universe   Preview

The only planet we know to hold the characteristics to sustain life in our Solar System is Earth. Our ancient ancestors perceived it as a mother figure in which everything co-evolves with the environment

 No comments    202   2014   Chronicles Of The Universe   Preview
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