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I almost stopped browsing (and posting on) social media. Feels great!

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When things are pretty quiet here, it may seem that nothing happens from my end, but it’s actually the opposite

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A few thoughts on the pictures from DJs’ gigs and advice based on my own failure.

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And here are some pictures from my gig at Skazka Rave in December

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Finally got around to hanging acoustic panels, and it sounds really good.

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An early New Year’s present to myself — acoustic panels!

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Not only my new single Binary Star is out this week, but I also have another great news: I have finally finished a new studio!

 No comments    618   11 mo   Behind the scenes   Photo   Studio

The most exciting day is release day! Today my new single Binary Star is being released, and for the occasion I even took a picture from the studio.

 No comments    53   11 mo   Binary Star   I am   Photo   Studio

The gigs have been postponed, the industry is unknown when it will recover, the future is uncertain. Would that seem like a sign to stop making music? Weirdly enough, I made exactly the opposite conclusion and once again made sure that I chose the right thing for me.

 No comments    49   1 y   I am   Photo

Here are a few photos from my Saturday’s gig...

 No comments    182   2020   Gigs   Music Media Dome   Photo   Russia   Skazka Festival
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