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Tag: Mashups

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Kirill Enlusion celebrates the 100th release of his label Forescape Digital and he invited me to join a special marathon for this occasion.

For the guest mix, I selected my recently favourite dark tracks, many of which I have already successfully tested in my sets, as well as my fresh productions

 No comments    375   2021   Guest mixes   John 00 Fleming   Mashups   Progressive Trance   Tech House   Techno

Last week I played a guest mix for Trance Universe marathon with 15 tracks including a few tracks and mashups from myself, and it’s now up online on SoundCloud

 No comments    51   2019   Guest mixes   Mashups   Psytrance   Trance Universe

Last Saturday I played at Trance Chapter party with a quite unique lineup: ten Russian artists, each with his own vision of Trance music

 No comments    129   2019   Chapter I: Water   DJ sets   Gigs   Mashups   Pravda Club   Psytrance   Russia   Trance   Trance Chapters

It’s been a while since I was doing guest mixes, so here’s a fresh one I’ve made for Trance Psyberia, lovely fellows and Psytrance enthusiasts based in LA

 No comments    68   2017   Guest mixes   Mashups   Psytrance

My live set from Switzerland, UG Bülach Club, is available for streaming and downloading. There are more than 30 tracks played if you can with mashups that were made on-the-fly

 No comments    82   2014   DJ sets   Gigs   Mashups   Psytrance   Pure Progressive Power   Switzerland

Special guest of the month: Satinka Rave Podcast September is available on the main website, iTunes and SoundCloud

 No comments    38   2014   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Progressive Trance   Psytrance   Rave Podcast

Here’s the set I played in Comfort 13 club, Tel Aviv. It’s almost a 2-hour long set that goes from Progressive to a proper Psytrance as I’ve been warming-up before Space Tribe

 No comments    39   2014   Comfort 13   DJ sets   Gigs   Israel   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Psychedelic   Psytrance

Here’s my guest mix made for a special occasion of Tenzi FM Anniversary

 No comments    51   2013   Guest mixes   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Psytrance

And here’s also the same set available on SoundCloud

 No comments    52   2013   DJ sets   Gigs   Mashups   PDJ TV   Progressive Psy   Psybreaks   Psytrance   Russia
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