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The main tool for the progress of personal and work projects.

 No comments    196   5 mo   Management   Productivity   Tools

An insight look at an A&R routine When I joined the JOOF Recordings team as an A&R assistant in 2015, things were done using the typical tool that everyone uses — email

 No comments    322   2017   A&R   Behind the scenes   Management   Music industry

Scheduling, publishing, and analytics on social media

 No comments    351   2017   Management   Productivity   Social media   Tools

In electronic music, making remixes is a common practice. It helps to build a relationship between the producers, gives extra exposure, and brings extra variety

 1 comment    911   2016   Advice   Management

How templates can help to deal with routine Please tell us about personal efficiency and how you deal with the routine

 No comments    17   2016   Advice   Management

3 tips how to organize projects, files, and folders

 No comments    952   2016   Advice   Management   Studio

Hi Daniel, I’m an up and coming DJ, and it seems my music library is getting out of control with all those countless songs and folders

 2 comments    1266   2015   Advice   iTunes   Management

Seems my neighbors are not quite happy that I’m a music producer. Should I use headphones for production rather than monitors?

 1 comment    29   2015   Advice   Management   Music production   Studio

I use the principle “less is more” and it works great in every aspect

 1 comment    106   2015   I am   Management

“Getting Real” by 37signals is an amazing book that I’ve just read, and I very recommend it whether you are an entrepreneur, web developer, or music producer like myself...

 No comments    24   2015   Books   Management   Marketing
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