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It’s been amazing five years. Now it’s time for a new chapter

 No comments    86   2018   I am   Israel   Photo

Dear fans, friends, colleagues! After living for the last five years in Israel, this July I’ll be moving back to Moscow, Russia, where I originally from

 No comments    14   2018   I am   Israel   Russia

Here’s the set I played in Comfort 13 club, Tel Aviv. It’s almost a 2-hour long set that goes from Progressive to a proper Psytrance as I’ve been warming-up before Space Tribe

 No comments    22   2014   DJ sets   Gigs   Israel   Mashups   Progressive Psy   Psytrance

Here are few shots of what happened last night

 No comments    28   2014   Gigs   Israel   Photo   Video

🇮🇱 Tel Aviv, March 6, 2014 This Thursday I’ll be playing a 2-hour set in Tel Aviv, Comfort 13 Club, alongside with Space Tribe and BLiSS

 No comments    17   2014   Gigs   Israel

The last two weeks were kinda crazy as we’re trying to get used to our new residency. But I’ve managed to build myself a nice workspace — way too far from a perfect one...

 No comments    13   2013   I am   Israel   Studio

Yes, we did it

 No comments    7   2013   I am   Israel   Photo

Dear friends and followers! I have an important announcement: on March 6, I’m moving to Israel. You know I don’t usually share my personal life events

 No comments    11   2013   I am   Israel
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