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Music genres often exist in parallel worlds. Ask psy-heads what they think of Progressive House and most say it’s pop and cheesy; for the Techno people ‘Psytrance’ is a bad word

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Psytrance is the music that I love, but those listeners who have been following me for a long time probably also know about my love for deeper sound...

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ON3, Modus, Ticon, Freedom Fighters, Astrix & Avalon, Static Movement & Mindwave, Union Jack, Daniel Lesden, and many more.

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It’s been a while since I was doing guest mixes, so here’s a fresh one I’ve made for Trance Psyberia, lovely fellows and Psytrance enthusiasts based in LA

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I’ve recorded the album showcase mix for Digital Om Productions label series at RadiOzora. The mix includes seven brand new tracks from my album as well as some of my favourite tracks by other producers

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Hey folks, last Sunday I’ve played a guest mix for TranceMag Sessions and now it’s available for streaming and downloading

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I had a privilege to make a guest mix for John 00 Fleming’s Global Trance Grooves. Being an avid GTG listener for almost a decade, and really happy for about this

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My exclusive mix for Digital Om Productions showcase series hosted by RadiOzora is up online and ready for downloads

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For the second time I’ve been participating in the 24-hour Psy marathon on Afterhours.FM called “Psyday”

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My guest for Activa’s Synthetic Elements podcast, aired last Tuesday on DI.FM, is up online. Enjoy re-listening

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