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Cancelled gigs and plans, closed clubs and country borders. The coronavirus pandemic has affected all areas of our lives, but I would like to talk specifically about the music industry and the income of artists in particular.

 No comments    10   1 d   Career   Money   Music industry

“Alright, I’ve learned how to mix the tracks. What to do next? How to grow?”. Advice to Nikita

 1 comment    86   20 d   Advice   Career   DJing

Where to start, what to write about, and why you shouldn’t blog on social networks

 No comments    111   27 d   Career   Marketing   Social media

Sometimes I get questions in the advice series that boil down to, “Can I do this or that?” or “Can I not do that?

 No comments    119   1 mo   Advice   Career

A few thoughts on the pictures from DJs’ gigs and advice based on my own failure.

 No comments    245   2 mo   Advice   Career   Marketing   Photo

It is commonly believed that “there are more DJs than there are people”, “everyone is a DJ these days”, and that DJing is a very highly competitive market

 No comments    38   2019   Advice   Career   DJing   Etiquette

Important message to promoters, labels, and fans

 3 comments    50   2019   Behind the scenes   Career   I am

I wrote a monstrous article for the main Russian finance magazine Tinkoff Journal, which tells newcomers about the economics of the music profession.

 No comments    2   2018   Behind the scenes   Career   Money   Music industry   Tinkoff Journal

I’m going to put here some quotes, and try to guess what I’m talking about

 No comments    114   2018   Behind the scenes   Career   Marketing   Quotes

First gigs as a producer Backstory series Part 1. Psychedelic community

 No comments    32   2017   Backstory series   Behind the scenes   Career   Gigs
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