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Why Israeli pick such stage names?

I love Israeli trance scene since early Goa Trance in the 90s. This small country contributed to the Psy scene probably more than any other. But I can’t understand only one thing: why do they choose such stage names?

I’m talking about popular characters or common things like: Coming Soon, Captain Hook, Rocky, DaVinci Code, Ace Ventura, Born Sleepy, Easy Riders, Roger Rabbit, Fire Starter, Freedom Fighters, Ghost Rider, Royal Flush... and there are more I guess.

Lineup of the biggest events

Why? What the point of naming yourself by the name of worldwide-known characters? You can’t even it find such artist in Google because all search results you get are those characters or cartoons. Can someone explain me, please?

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Timothy 2019

Well Zion (wich in term control this dimension. Use to have their marks on most of the public things. Zion PSYon Full on. Well i dont think the artist them self is a part of the agenda. But there is a common theme here. And the name is very Esoteric in their nature. But in the end the artist just wanna have a cool name :)

Gx2 2019

My guess is that it’s because Israel is hated by a lot of the left-wing in Europe. And the best way to hide that “made in Israel” label is to release stuff using Hollywood movie references. Sad state of affairs. ( I’m pretty rare in Europe , in that I’m pro Israel and non Jewish)

Gx2 2019

Btw – Israel is fantastic for the Psy trance stuff. Am a big fan of it. I just don’t tell my left wing mates where the music comes from. ( am from the UK)

Artex 2019

well bro, why not?:) its cool:)

Daniel Lesden 2019

To me it’s more weird rather than cool. Just google someone like “Roger Rabbit” and you’ll get a million search results of cartoon rabbit, but not the Psytrance act.

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