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Facebook is my main news hub where I share upcoming releases, gigs, photos, videos, and blogs. Typically, I post 3–5 times a week.

Telegram and Twitter duplicate what I post on Facebook, with occasional extra content.

On Vkontakte, I write in the Russian language for my fans out of from Russia and CIS.

I also upload vlogs and gigs videos on YouTube and share travel photos, selfies, and studio routine on Instagram.

What to listen to?

Usually I’m willing to recommend hundreds of new music releases myself, but I’ve listened to almost no new music in the last three months. Once a week I turned on Spotify’s suggested release radar, and that’s pretty much it. I didn’t follow new arrivals on Beatport, I didn’t dig tracks in Spotify, and I didn’t open Soundcloud at all.

What cool stuff has beeen released lately? What tracks or mixes have you listened to recently that you liked? Share it in the comments.

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