The Guest Mix @ Trance Universe Marathon

Last week I played a guest mix for Trance Universe marathon with 15 tracks including a few tracks and mashups from myself, and it’s now up online on SoundCloud.

This guest mix was made as a promo for Trance Universe upcoming event on March 29 where I’ll be playing alongside M.I.K.E. Push, Richard Durand, and more. Can’t wait to see you there!


00:00 Sonic Entity — Infinite Source (Original Mix) × Stephan Bodzin — Zulu (Original Mix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
05:36 Daniel Lesden — Technological Singularity (Original Mix) × Push — Strange World (2000 Remake) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
12:14 Genesia, Sideform — Genetic Form [Daniel Lesden Edit]
16:01 Cosmic Tone — Spirit Technology (Original Mix) × Feel The Effect (Lazy Edit) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
19:54 Daniel Lesden — Structured Chaos [Daniel Lesden Edit]
23:33 One Function, Yestermorrow — Microdose (Lyktum Remix)
28:28 Starlab — Mission Simulator (Original Mix)
32:29 Phanatic, Ticon — Indigo [Daniel Lesden Edit])
34:48 Sonic Entity — Trust the Process (Original Mix) × Deedrah, Talamasca — Transwave (Original Mix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
38:21 Off Limits — Artattack (Original Mix) × Space Manoeuvres — Stage One (Stu Mort 2015 Remix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
40:38 ID — ID
44:09 Out Of Range, Starlab — Alignment (Original Mix) × Sound Control — Freedom (Original Mix) [Daniel Lesden Mashup]
47:21 Daniel Lesden — ID
52:02 Sabretooth — Iconoclast [Daniel Lesden Edit]
55:14 Vertical Mode — Inside Your Head [Daniel Lesden Edit]
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