Rave Podcast 150

After a short delay, Rave Podcast is back for you to enjoy!

This episode is all about proper Techno: groovy, slamming, heads-down, and sometimes melodic too. I just love listening to this kind of stuff when I’m walking, running or in the gym, so any kind of sports body activity, and of course in the clubs too (though I guess dancing can be put in the same category, haha).

I feel that nowadays many people use the word ‘techno’ to describe something entirely different, sometimes they call progressive house tunes ‘techno’, sometimes trance tracks are mislabeled as ‘techno’, and there is, of course, a whole ‘melodic techno’ thing which rarely does anything to do with techno. So enjoy this proper, real Techno mix (with a couple of trancey tracks).

A quick note for those who subscribed to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or any other podcast app: I’ve moved the podcast to another podcast-hosting service. Hopefully, you won’t notice it as this is something ‘under the hood’, but if anything is wrong, just let me know. As a cool little bonus, new episodes now have chapters (in those podcast apps that support it), allowing you to navigate through the tracklist. Here is a direct link to the RSS feed in case you want to re-subscribe.


00:00 Fabio Florido — Dawn Devotion (Original Mix) [Runa]
04:34 Kineta — Cosmic Flux (Original Mix) [UTE]
08:41 Introversion — Hopeless Dreaming (Original Mix) [Makatao]
12:20 Rudosa — The Procession (Obscure Shape Dub Mix) [Mood Supplier Records]
15:12 Gary Beck — Ghost (Original Mix) [Mutual Rytm]
18:10 Axel Karakasis — Stunned (Original Mix) [Jeton Record]
21:48 Cri Du Coeur — Astro (Hertz Remix) [Sway]
26:07 Paul Ritch — Inner Keeper (Original Mix) [Quartz]
29:35 Sigvard — Neural (Original Mix) [Anaoh]
33:13 Mark Williams — Sometimes (Original Mix) [Hardgroove]
36:51 Tom Hades — Analog Bliss (Original Mix) [Fundaments LTD]
40:29 Keith Carnal — Exorcism (Original Mix) [Second Degree]
44:20 Raul Young — Affright (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics]
47:16 Clercq — Circuits (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics]
51:22 Axel Karakasis — Inner Voice (Original Mix) [Remain Records]
55:00 Blue Hour — True (Original Mix) [Blue Hour]

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