Rave Podcast 129

The September edition of the podcast is already available on Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify and Patreon.

This one is probably the most hypnotic episode I have ever mixed, total heads-down. Immersive and trancey.


00:00 Joachim Spieth — Luciferin (Original Mix) Affin
04:03 Luigi Tozzi — Tender Is The Night (Original Mix) Non Series
07:57 Spacebeat — Spiritus Spatium (Original Mix) Fluro Music
10:29 Manu Riga — Everything Comes To An End (Solar Fields Remix) Bonzai Progressive
13:15 Matt Lange — Abrakalimba (Original Mix) mau5trap
16:15 Steam Shape — Artefact (Original Mix) Metaphase
18:23 DJ Dextro — FoxP2 (Original Mix) Dolma Records
21:07 Pig & Dan — Trauma (Original Mix) Cocoon Recordings
26:15 Daniel Rifaterra — Guixin (Original Mix) R3volution
28:00 Roby M Rage — Air Liquid (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
31:10 Axel Karakasis — Outspread (Original Mix) Planet Rhythm Records
34:15 Vladw — Beria (Original Mix) Vladw
38:17 Procombo — Solaris (Noir Remix) RX Recordings
40:10 John 00 Fleming — The Fires Of Chameleon (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
43:55 Fabio Florido — The Chanting Void (Original Mix) Runa
48:06 Goncalo M — Unidirectional Interstellar Reflex (Original Mix) Resilient Recordings
51:35 Keith Carnal — Consumer Products (Original Mix) Second Degree
55:17 Aethernal — Colliding Worlds (Original Mix) Vitus’ Curse

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