Rave Podcast 125

May 2021

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This episode is groovy, hypnotic in places, and very fast towards the end. It’s been a while since I’ve played tracks with a tempo over 140 BPM, so if you been waiting for such a powerful mix, this is the one for you.


00:00 Elfsong — Tesseract (Christopher Vassilakis Remix) Saturate Audio
05:17 Hackler & Kuch — Duck & Cover (Original Mix) The Zone Records
09:00 Klaudia Gawlas, Linus Quick — Brain Drain (Original Mix) Masters Of Disaster
11:27 Linus Quick, Pappenheimer — Soundcheck (Original Mix) Italo Business
15:24 Slavlotski — Terminate (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
20:18 Miniminds — Outlaw (Original Mix) Harthouse
24:13 Jan Fleck — Ronin (Original Mix) Black Circus
27:52 Filterheadz, Atroxx — Black Box (Original Mix) Unrilis
31:56 Shaun Mauren — The Right Time (Original Mix) Distorted Audio Records
36:00 Marco Bailey — Scorpia (Obscure Shape & Shdw Remix) Suara Records
37:28 NTBR — Warped Sense (Original Mix) SBMRN Records
40:38 Narciss — Fuel To The Fire (Original Mix) 10 Pills Mate
45:06 Pablo Gargano — Tension (Original Mix) Technosis
47:34 Narciss — Fragments Of A Language Of Love (Original Mix) Lobster Theremin
52:15 Grindvik, Sylvie Maziarz — Circles (Original Mix) Second State
53:36 Jorg — Facing The Truth (Original Mix) Jahanam
57:09 Fractions — What Doesn’t Kill Me (Original Mix) TBA

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