Rave Podcast 122

February 2021. 10-year anniversary!

New Rave Podcast episode is already available on Soundcloud, YouTube, in the Spotify playlist, and on Patreon (with direct downloads, higher audio quality, RSS feed, no voice-overs, and more goodies).

Wow, that was quite a journey, isn’t it? Ten years, I can’t believe it!

This special three-hour episode includes a lot of my all-time favorite tracks, which I think perfectly sums up the whole point of the Rave Podcast — to share with you high-quality underground music.

Make sure you give it a listen:

0:00:00 Cloower Wooma — Blot (Original Mix) Blue Tunes Records
0:02:21 Luminesce, Miika Kuisma — Wave Of Life (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:05:10 Kostya Outta — Breathe (Original Mix) MNL
0:08:20 Ewan Rill — Alchemist (Original Mix) Bevel Records
0:10:57 Ioan Gamboa — Karla (Soulwerk Remix) Replug
0:14:35 Mike Griego — Solaris (Original Mix) Replug
0:21:01 Thnk, Pim Kos — Ominous (Extended Mix) Thnk
0:24:19 Don Ruijgrok — Melt (Original Mix) Driving Forces Digital Series
0:26:59 Pablo Gargano — Winter Funk (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:29:20 Solid Stone — Get On My Vinyl (Original Mix) Coldharbour Recordings
0:32:20 Rick Pier O’Neil — Back To Scream (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:36:23 Atrium Sun — Breath Of Heaven (Original Mix) Mistique Music
0:40:40 Johan Gielen — Say My Name (Tech Mix) High Contrast Recordings
0:44:10 Breeze, Quadrat — Hurricane (Relaunch Remix) Mistique Music
0:47:11 Drumcomplex, Roel Salemink — The Box (Alex Di Stefano Remix) Baptism
0:51:12 Mathov — Nabrisa (Ettica Remix) JOOF Aura
0:54:28 Klaark, Sisko Electrofanatik — Onium (Original Mix) Gain Records
0:57:44 Spartaque — Twin (Original Mix) He-Art
1:01:14 Sasha Carassi — Hanger (Original Mix) Driving Forces Recordings
1:04:59 Clint Stewart — Breathe (Timmo Rework) Terminal M
1:10:14 Matt Lange — Blackest Balloon (Original Mix) mau5trap
1:14:34 Tactic Tech — Angels (Original Mix) Drumlore
1:17:18 Vibrasphere — Waveguide (Original Mix) Tribal Vision
1:19:55 Age Of Love — The Age Of Love (Manuel De La Mare Remix) 542
1:21:43 Ozan Kanik — Back Ally Rally (Don Ruijgrok Remix) Gastspiel Records
1:25:40 Rex Mundi — Perspective (Original Mix) Cyber Records
1:29:07 00.db — Sasha Watching The Stars (Original Mix) Fektive Records
1:32:33 Gabriel Moraes — Opposite (Original Mix) Bassic Records
1:36:45 Vibrasphere — Morning Breeze (Atmos Remix) Digital Structures
1:40:11 Cosmithex — Polarity (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
1:44:36 Perfect Stranger — W (Klipsun Remix) Iboga Records
1:46:49 Beat Bizarre — Magical Realism (Original Mix) Iboga Records
1:49:49 Kalden Bess, UNDFND, PRML — Primary (Original Mix) Ground Factory Records
1:52:57 Rudosa — Dreamland (Original Mix) Suara Records
1:55:49 Goncalo M — Lord Of Chaos (Original Mix) Global Techno Movement Records
1:57:42 Sopik — BN002 (2020 Edit) Finder Records
1:59:48 Lukas Firtzer — Excessus (Original Mix) Exhale
2:03:26 Marco Bailey — Days Of Yore (Original Mix) Materia
2:06:35 Radiotrance — Tranceformation (Original Mix) Uplifto Records
2:10:18 Klangkuenstler — Engelsblut (Original Mix) Exhale
2:14:28 David Moleon — Ovalo (Original Mix) Patterns
2:16:18 Manmachine — Synthesize (Original Mix) Yellow Sunshine Explosion
2:21:23 Outsiders, Sphera — Matter Of Fact (Original Mix) Iboga Records
2:24:49 In Verruf — Too Much DMT (Original Mix) R – Label Group
2:27:24 Sonic Entity — Fabric Of The Universe (Original Mix) Expo Records
2:30:15 Steve Birch — See Through (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
2:34:36 Art Of Trance — Turkish Bizarre (DBA Remix) Platipus Records
2:38:29 Ron Impro — Indian Rave (Nuwa Remix) Ithica Records
2:42:09 Lyktum — Mindfulness (Original Mix) Iono Music
2:44:40 Mac & Monday — Yoruba (Original Mix) Borderline
2:50:09 Brainchild — Symmetry C (Original 12” Mix) Eye Q Records
2:53:27 Dyen — Fantasy (Original Mix) Exhale
2:55:55 Vini Vici — Trust in Trance (Astral Projection Remix) Iboga Records

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