Rave Podcast 115

00:00 ID — ID JOOF Aura
04:53 ID — ID JOOF Aura
08:44 Subtara — Atomic Energy (Original Mix) Forescape Digital
12:50 Cirez D — The Raid (Original Mix) Mouseville
16:25 Citizen Kain — The Elephant (Cosmic Boys Remix) BluFin
19:40 Carlos Manaca — Something Bad (Remastered) Transmit Recordings
24:29 Ben Tax — Here Now (Original Mix) mTechno Records
27:17 Barber, James Trystan — Fever (Original Mix) Ballroom Records
30:19 Ian O’Donovan — Astra (Original Mix) When We Dip XYZ
34:22 DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos, Richie Santana — Low Frequencies (Drunken Kong Remix) Stereo Productions
38:43 Gallago — Astral Plain (Original Mix) 10 Steps North
44:46 Andrea Signore — Wonder (Original Mix) I Am Different
50:17 Chris Veron — Rising Panel (Original Mix) Prospekt Records
54:02 Dylhen, Paul Thomas — Unite (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
56:20 R3cycle, Sauze — Sick! (Original Mix) Sol Music

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Since 2011, I have been hosting a monthly radio show titled Rave Podcast, where I unveil my latest discoveries and finest selection from the world of underground electronic music.

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