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Rave Podcast 068

Special guest of the month: Nikki S

Rave Podcast January edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud and iTunes. This month show features tracks from E-Nok, Egorythmia & Roger Rabbit, Satinka (a sneak peek of forthcoming release on JOOF Mantra), Artsense, Arhetip, Thomas Datt, and more. For the second hour we have a fantastic guest mix from talented female artist Nikki S, she delivered an hour of proper Psytrance.


0:00:00 Techyon – NG–101 (Abstract Sunrise Remix)
0:06:06 Satinka – Kweo Kachina (Original Mix)
0:11:29 E–Nok – Patterns of Creation (Original Mix)
0:16:40 Egorythmia & Roger Rabbit – Speed of Light (Original Mix)
0:22:58 Arhetip & Nerso – Nada Brahma (Original Mix)
0:28:05 Artsense – Consciousness (Original Mix)
0:33:18 Polaris – Oldies & Goodies (Original Mix)
0:37:01 Oberon – Different World (Original Mix)
0:41:11 Protonica – Northern Storm (Faders Remix)
0:46:17 Vertical Mode – Time Code (Original Mix)
0:51:22 Soul Six – Journey Into Sound (Original Mix)
0:53:40 Phanatic – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (Original Mix)
0:56:24 Thomas Datt – The Psychonaut (Original Mix)

Guest mix by Nikki S (UK)

0:59:35 Outsiders & Symbolic – Life On Earth (Original Mix)
1:06:45 Sideform – Digital Fortress (Original Mix)
1:10:58 Sonic Species – Dawn Till Dusk (Middle Mode Remix)
1:15:46 Astrix & Ace Ventura – Pranava (Original Mix)
1:21:59 Nikki S – ET Life (Original Mix)
1:26:58 Nikki S – Listen (Original Mix)
1:32:25 Nikki S – Future Of Mankind (Original Mix)
1:37:27 Avalon & Burn In Noise – Time & Space (Kali & Lifeforms Remix)
1:42:32 Sonic Species & Symbolic – Alma Libre (Original Mix)
1:47:34 ID – ID
1:53:51 Burn In Noise – Orders From A Machine (Original Mix)
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Rave Podcast is a monthly radio show hosted by Daniel Lesden, bringing you the best of high-quality underground music since 2011. It showcases some of the finest Progressive, Trance, and Techno, as well as Daniel Lesden’s musical taste. The show is broadcast every second Friday of a month on Digitally Imported radio, Spotify playlist, iTunes podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Subscribe to podcast to never miss a new episode.