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Rave Podcast 064

Special guest of the month: AudioFire

This month Rave Podcast show is up online on the main website, Soundcloud, iTunes. September episode features AudioFire who is the winner of the guest mix competition, as well as tracks from 3 Access & You, Arhetip, Funky Dragon, Middle Mode, Spinal fusion and many more.


0:00:00 Gaudium & Bakke – Computer Kindergarten (Original Mix)
0:05:12 3 Access & You – Insolent (Original Mix)
0:09:55 Funky Dragon – Mellow Monster (Original Mix)
0:15:40 Solaris & Harmonika – Samadhi (Original Mix)
0:19:24 Sideform – Angaraka (Arhetip Remix)
0:24:04 Party Heroes – Our Language (Original Mix)
0:29:18 Liquid Soul & Zyce ft. Solar Kid – Science Fiction (Original Mix)
0:33:42 Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Stu Mort 2015 Remix)
0:36:56 EffectivE & Unicode – Critical Level (Original Mix)
0:41:09 Yahel & Omiki ft. Liya – Black Hole (Original Mix)
0:43:20 Ilai – Feel Inside (Vandeta Remix)
0:45:37 Indianix – Deep & Roll (Original Mix)
0:48:41 Mental Broadcast – Shadow Of Reality (Spinal Fusion Remix)
0:54:06 Middle Mode & Djantrix – Elwynn Forest (Original Mix)

Guest mix by AudioFire (South Africa)

1:00:01 AudioFire – Girls & Boys (Original Mix)
1:06:41 Aquafeel & Zyce – I am the Sunlight (Original Mix)
1:10:55 Neuro – Chemistry (Original Mix)
1:15:23 Vini Vici – Namaste (Original Mix)
1:19:57 AudioFire – Serpent (Original Mix)
1:23:36 Waio & Killerwatts – Wake Up (Symbolic Remix)
1:28:45 Side Effects – Black Hole (Original Mix)
1:32:39 AudioFire – Life Around Us (Original Mix)
1:36:46 Lish – The 5th Tone (Original Mix)
1:40:25 Ace Venture & Symbolic – The World That You Know (Original Mix)
1:45:13 E-Clip & Future Frequency – Little Universe (Original Mix)
1:50:46 Zen Mechanics & E-Clip – FlashBack (Original Mix)
1:54:46 AudioFire – Machine Minds (Original Mix)
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Rave Podcast is a monthly radio show hosted by Daniel Lesden, bringing you the best of high-quality underground music since 2011. It showcases some of the finest Progressive, Trance, and Techno, as well as Daniel Lesden’s musical taste. The show is broadcast every second Friday of a month on Digitally Imported radio, Spotify playlist, iTunes podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Subscribe to podcast to never miss a new episode.