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Facebook is my main news hub where I share upcoming releases, gigs, photos, videos, and blogs. Typically, I post 3–5 times a week.

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Rave Podcast 055

Special guest of the month: Angel Esteban

Rave Podcast December edition with a guest mix from Angel Esteban is available for download on the main website, iTunes, and SoundCloud.


0:00:00 Whirloop – Feel The Effect (Daniel Lesden Remix)
0:06:33 Daniel Lesden – The New Land (Original Mix)
0:09:48 Redrosid – Singularity (Original Mix)
0:13:04 Daniel Lesden – The Gaia (Original Mix)
0:18:39 Daniel Lesden – Ancient Civilization (Original Mix)
0:21:26 John 00 Fleming – Healing (Daniel Lesden Remix)
0:26:36 D-Twin & Funky Dragon – Crazy Hobbits (Original Mix)
0:29:37 E-Clip – Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
0:33:23 Simply Wave – Space & Time (Original Mix)
0:37:05 Man With No Name – Teleport (Nick Sentience Remix)
0:38:56 Daniel Lesden – Vortex (Original Mix)
0:40:19 Lyctum – Galactic Society (Daniel Lesden Remix)
0:44:01 Vice & Morten Granau – The Pressure (Original Mix)
0:47:22 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)

Guest mix by Angel Esteban (Spain)

0:52:35 Aiodaya – Fata Morgana (Original Mix)
1:02:26 Liquid Soul – Clean Mind (Sidearm Remix)
1:08:17 Unreal Sense – Seth (Original Mix)
1:13:24 Sequence & Angel Esteban – First Contact (Original Mix)
1:18:45 Angel Esteban – Religious Experience (Original Mix)
1:23:29 Lyctum – Need For Affection (Original Mix)
1:28:38 Pulsar & Angel Esteban – Real SD ( Original Mix)
1:31:54 Ascent & Shogan – Hidden Earth (Original Mix)
1:37:15 Angel Esteban – La Letra Escarlata (Original Mix)
1:43:57 Sonic Species & Zen Mechanics – Spice Travel (Original Mix)
1:49:57 Gaudium – The Dream (Side Effects Remix)
1:53:15 Ovnimoon – Sat Nam for Me, Nat Sam for You (Original Mix)
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Rave Podcast is a monthly radio show hosted by Daniel Lesden, bringing you the best of high-quality underground music since 2011. It showcases some of the finest Progressive, Trance, and Techno, as well as Daniel Lesden’s musical taste. The show is broadcast every second Friday of a month on Digitally Imported radio, Spotify playlist, iTunes podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Subscribe to podcast to never miss a new episode.