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Rave Podcast 045

3-Year Anniversary Special

Rave Podcast February edition, our ‘Three Years Anniversary’ landmark, is already available on the main website, Soundcloud and iTunes. Once again, I truly thankful for all your comments, tweets and birthday wishes!

This month we have a lot of great and my all-time favourites tracks from Astrix, Phaxe, John 00 Fleming, Zyce, Yahel, Manmachine, E-Clip, Lyctum and more artists, mixed together in the 2-hours mix from myself. Also, you can hear plenty of my own tracks, including a few from my upcoming album and even some yet unannounced ID.


0:00:00 BT – Nectar (Original Mix)
0:03:24 Cosmithex – It’s Only A Dream (Original Mix)
0:08:02 Clean Noise – After a While (Original Mix)
0:09:37 Astrix – Just in Time (Original Mix)
0:13:16 Daniel Lesden – 165 Earth Years (Original Mix)
0:18:37 Atmos – Transport to Another (Yotopia Remix)
0:21:36 Phaxe – Kondi (Original Mix)
0:24:12 John 00 Fleming – The 10th Life (Artifact303 Remix)
0:28:33 Daniel Lesden – Illusion Of Reality (Original Mix)
0:32:38 Midimal – Mystify (Original Mix)
0:36:03 John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence – Dark On Fire (Original Mix)
0:41:19 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
0:45:37 Zyce & Aquafeel – I Am The Sun (Original Mix)
0:49:32 Zentura – Sonic Masala (Original Mix)
0:52:22 Daniel Lesden – Science 2.0 (Original Mix)
0:55:12 Ritmo – The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix)
1:00:38 Yahel – Close Your Eyes (Mindwave Remix)
1:03:34 Arhetip – Random Walk (Original Mix)
1:08:15 Vertical Mode – Lazer Shot (Symbolic Remix)
1:11:33 Manmachine – Synthesize (Original Mix)
1:17:53 Egorythmia & E-Clip – Highest Technology (2013 Edit)
1:22:20 Daniel Lesden – Ishtar Terra (Original Mix)
1:26:32 Lyctum – Future Intelligence (Original Mix)
1:30:16 ID – ID
1:34:56 Protonica – Codes (Zen Mechanics Remix)
1:37:15 Will Atkinson & Nick Callaghan – Blizzard (Liquid Soul Remix)
1:41:33 Daniel Lesden – The Gaia (Original Mix)
1:47:07 Daniel Lesden – Ancient Civilization (Original Mix)
1:51:45 Oberon – Electric Chair (Original Mix)
1:54:46 Anton Chernikov – Arctic Adventure (Timewave Remix)

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Rave Podcast is a monthly radio show where I share my findings and favourite tracks from the world of underground electronic music: mostly progressive house, trance and techno. I host it since 2011.

Rave Podcast is broadcast on the second Friday of every month DI.FM and as a premiere on YouTube, then it becomes available on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify playlist, and on Patreon (with no voice-overs, no jingles, and in the best audio quality, among other goodies). All episodes and tracklists are also published on the blog.

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