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With the introduction of Psytrance Guide, I get asked a lot of question and most of them repeat. To make things easier both for you and myself, I’ll put answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here. This section will be updated over time, so please come back later as well.

1. What the logic behind all genre names?
Since most of those subgenres have no “official” names, everything on that site is a subject of my personal vision and experience in the Psy scene. However, I did my best and researched a bunch of niche community websites to make sure that I’m not alone in that thinking, and I will keep continuing making it more accurate.

2. Why do you call Psychedelic and Psytrance different subgenres? Isn’t it is the same? Are you mad?
Well, it’s just the way I’ve been tagging my DJ collection for years: all 144—148 BPM I call either “Psychedelic” or “Uptempo Psy” (e. g. like some tracks of Braincell or Tristan), and 138—142 BPM I call simply “Psytrance” (e. g. like some tracks of Relativ or Sonic Species). I know it might sound confusing, but somehow it feels right to me. If you have a better suggestion, feel free to contribute.

3. I’m an artist and I don’t see my name mentioned there. Do you think I’m worth it?!
This guide is a styles overview with a couple of references for those who’d like to find more, not A to Z catalogue of artists or labels. Sorry if I wasn’t clear about that in the first place. I’ll definitely add more names over time, but there’s no space to mention everyone, it’s not the site purpose. PsyDB and Discogs work just fine with that.

4. I’m a label representative and you mentioned our label name only in Psytrance while we also release Full-on, Psychedelic, and Dark Psy. Can you add our label to all of these genres to make it more accurate?
No. Most labels release music in a few different subgenres, some even in 4-5. Mentioning the same label multiple times would create too many duplicated links, and I wouldn’t like to do that. However, I can move your label from one subgenre to another one or just don’t mention it at all, if you want to.

5. Artists mentioned in the Psytrance aren’t accurate, Lyktum, Vertical Mode, Lifeforms, Relativ etc. are all Progressive!
Not really. Please take a read my thoughts on Progressive music, or why Progressive Psy tracks you know are probably not Progressive at all.

6. Where is 200+ BPM Psycore?
At this moment, Psycore is mentioned in the Hi-Tech section. I know it’s not quite correct, so I’ll definitely separate these two in the near future.

7. Where is Dark Progressive?
Dark Progressive aka Zenonsque is currently mentioned in the Minimal Psy section, however, adding it as a separate subgenre is on my future plans list.

8. I don’t like the way you named all these genres!
I’m sorry to hear that. I’m open for suggestions and willing to make this guide more accurate, so if you have some constructive criticism feel free to drop me a line.

9. I would like to propose a correction / I have an idea how to make the guide better, how can I contribute?
Please send it to

To be continued.

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