Psytrance Guide 1.2

I just rolled out a new version of the Psytrance Guide with a couple of exciting changes:

  • Hi-Tech and Psycore are now split into two standalone subgenres (previously, they were grouped together). This was long overdue!
  • New subgenre: Hypnotic Psychedelic. It probably hasn’t formed as an official subgenre yet, but this sound is currently emerging and trending and definitely deserves its recognition.
  • New subgenre: Raw Trance. It is debatable whether even to consider this Raw Trance a part of the Psy ’tribe’, but nevertheless, it has many similarities and shares the same rebellious, underground ethos.
  • All “notable artists and labels” links are now leading to Beatport, so anyone can easily find the tracks they like and support the scene.
  • Many audio examples have been updated.


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