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DJ set from JOOF Showcase

My recorded live set at JOOF Showcase event I’ve hosted last Saturday is now up online on SoundCloud.

It was​ two hours of dark and driving progressive with more melodic emotional moments in between, and it was my privilege​ to play some many tracks from JOOF Recordings as well as forward-thinking producers who close to me musically, Fuenka, Rick Pier O Neil, Jerome Isma-Ae, Ziger , Dylhen, Enrico Sangiuliano , Paul Thomas, Quivver, Morttagua just to name a few.

0:00:00 Dark Matter — Landmark (Original Mix) Somatic Records
0:06:36 ID — ID JOOF Aura
0:10:16 ID — ID JOOF Aura
0:15:09 John 00 Fleming — Looking Back. To Look Forward (Morttagua Remix) JOOF Recordings
0:18:52 Sub33 — Ingress (Original Mix) JOOF Aura
0:21:59 Alastor, Jerome Isma-Ae — Reflection JOOF Recordings
0:26:09 Quivver — The Fog (Cid Inc Remix) FutureForm Music
0:29:16 Matan Caspi — Delirious (Original Mix) Afterglow Records
0:34:05 Athina, Danito — Pontos (D-Formation & Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) Perspectives Digital
0:38:15 Ziger — I’m Sorry My Dear (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
0:41:38 Airwave — Time Is The Healer (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
0:46:19 ID — ID JOOF Recordings
0:50:28 Formel — Unawatuna (Ziger Remix) Mango Valley
0:54:07 LoQuai — Ignition Source (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) Balkan Connection South America
0:59:19 Hal Stucker — Disillusioned (Original Mix) Pure Progressive
1:03:29 SparroX — Good Time (Original Mix) Freegrant Music
1:09:05 Jerome Isma-Ae — Opium (Quivver Remix) Controlled Substance
1:13:22 Dylhen — The Upside Down (Extended Mix) Coldharbour Recordings
1:18:18 Lily Und Wolf, Unstable Son — Dystopia (Martin Roth Remix) Truesounds Music
1:23:09 Fuenka — Ricochet (Extended Mix) FSOE UV
1:28:21 Jam & Spoon — Follow Me (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix) Black Hole Recordings
1:33:02 Daniel Lesden — Breaking From The Shadows (Original Mix) JOOF Recordings
1:37:43 Paul Thomas — Allegro Miami (DL Mashup) FSOE UV
1:41:37 Beckers, D-Nox — Polyacid (Stereo Underground Remix) Beat Boutique
1:45:01 ID — ID JOOF Aura
1:49:41 Ziger — Transparent (Original Mix) Eleatics Records
1:52:48 Aaron Cullen, Tommy Conway — Glack (Original Mix) JOOF Aura
1:55:53 Enrico Sangiuliano — Hidden T (Original Mix) Drumcode

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